As an affiliate of Anavi in ​​China, Osher & Osher's diamond products are aimed at the most high-end consumers and offer a range of exclusive services, including private design and customization.

Osher & Osher brand introduction

The creation of the brand Anavi company,
is specialized in the Israeli diamond mining, cutting, design and sales of well-known companies,
in Israel, China, the United States, Spain, Colombia and other countries
have their own subsidiaries.
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Collection of diamonds

Osher & Osher brands rely on huge resources,
can bring you real collection level of diamond,
has become the choice for your investment.
We have a unique world of diamonds.
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"A drill heart, love eternal"

Osher & Osher is your witness of love and your trusted partner

Select diamonds

Only bright diamonds lasting, let love time to stay

Wedding ring style

As "her" Zhen election, as "love" custom, the oath engraved circle

Diamond jewelry

Osher & Osher full custom, so that each diamond has become a witness of your love

Special Diamond

"From the mine to your hand", Osher & Osher is a true diamond supplier, bringing you constant surprises
Our stores have a professional qualification of the diamond appraisers, for you recommend the most cost-effective diamonds; our stores also have a first-class professional design team, for you to create exclusive art treasures. Contact us now on 0514-85108910
Po-US has been working to build communication and customer service platform, abide by the professional spirit of the brand, to bring you worry-free after-sales service.
National free service hotline: 0514-85108910
Address:Yangzhou Hanjiang river Street 58 (opposite a park)