Company introduction

Jiangsu city in Yangzhou bolomie is to treasure Lome jewelry, diamonds, colored gemstones and jade and other high-end jewelry, naked stone wholesale, custom design, production of professional production enterprises.

With deep knowledge, in the global gem mining area to carry out first-line procurement, to ensure the excellent quality of each diamond.

In diamond procurement, relying on international mining and cutting business, the real diamond: Form the mines to you!

At the same time, our design team, keep closely follow the trend and the market, let us treasure each product are remarkable Lome brand characteristics.

Contact information

Address:Yangzhou Hanjiang river Street 58 (opposite a park)
Thank you for your bolomie jewelry and Osher&Osher Lome attention and trust, as in the past we will uphold the customer first philosophy, by virtue of professional advantage to bring you the most intimate service