After-sale service

Bolomie——Your most intimate jewelry housekeeper

  1. Our service

    Your assured choice

    1. Through the website of the phone or WeChat platform to contact us, there will be a professional staff will be recommended for you, consulting and booking services.

    2. Yangzhou urban area (including Jiangdu city), can provide the drill to drill home delivery services, as well as the safe delivery of products services.

    3. Diamond upgrade service (please pay attention to the store activities).

    4. The company custom ring within a year can provide a free service to circle.

    5. The custom ring will enjoy life-long warranty.

    6. For non quality causes of damage, we will cooperate with the customer needs to be repaired, and appropriate maintenance costs.

    7. Non customized products exchange within 7 days.

    8. The quality we cannot complete understanding of other brands based on the diamond, not to support the generation of mosaic and change of the company's service ring, bring you inconvenience.

  2. Jewelry maintenance tips

    Your assured choice

    1. Avoid collision, extrusion products.

    2. To avoid wearing in water or hot springs, silver contact warm or easy to change the surface of sulfide.

    3. In the bath, swimming, please remove the jewelry, so as to avoid contact with bleaching powder and other chemical substances.

    4. When making up, try to avoid contact with cosmetics and perfumes.

    5. Please try to avoid contact with any other chemicals to avoid chemical reaction.

    6. Gold and silver are afraid of grinding, precious stones afraid to fall, take and wear jewelry to be careful to drop.

    7. Jewelry can not be worn to sleep, do not wear flat in the jewelry box.

    8. Daily maintenance, please wipe the surface with a special wipe cloth, clear water and dirt, do not wear when you wave your jewelry collection in a sealed bag or jewelry box, to avoid contact with air.