4C diamond

"4C" is a measure of the value and quality of a diamond.

The so-called "4C" is the 4 C's English words ", refers to the carat weight, color, clarity, cut.

You can easily understand the value and quality of a diamond by simply integrating the four points of "4C".

Diamond price = weight + color + clarity + cut.

One of the most famous and easily misunderstood features of 4C is carat weight. It actually refers to the weight of the diamond, not the size.

Diamond cut will affect the same carat weight of the diamond looks much. Carat weight smaller diamonds will be larger with higher cutting grades.To make the most of your budget, consider buying a diamond that is slightly below your ideal carat weight. For example, consider buying a 2.9 carat weight diamond instead of 3 carats.

Diamond crystal deep in the earth's mantle magma, the environment is complex, diverse components, high temperature and pressure, after hundreds of millions of years of geological changes, which inevitably contain a variety of impurities or defects. The contents of color, number, size, location of different degree of influence on diamond.

Clarity usually use 10 times the magnifying glass to classify the internal and surface defects of diamond and its influence on the glorious unmounted clarity grade, according to the China inspection standard of VVS1, subdivided into LC, VVS2, VS1, VS2, SI1, SI2, P1, P2, P3 10 levels. Diamond has been divided into excellent, very good, good, good, generally 5 levels. P grade drill, also known as the I grade drill. P level below the general diamond is not used for drilling, it is generally only to the P level, no longer P1\P2\P3.

White diamond color grading from defghij to XYZ, the color of DEF is the first choice of many people in the selection of diamonds, indeed colorless completely colorless really few, so that everyone wants to have. G~j color range is the price and the actual needs of the majority of people under the choice of the general naked eye has been a good mosaic of finished products, such as not quite professional identification staff, not easy to separate the different colors. For example, F and G, although the color of one level but the price difference is relatively large, so in a relaxed and rational attitude to judge the diamond color is relatively objective method.

Diamond cutting is mainly including diamond cutting, polishing and symmetry of the three aspects. The cut should be as brightness and fire color may reflect the diamond, and try to keep the original weight. IGI International Gemological Institute of the cut level from high to low is divided into ID (perfect), EX (excellent), VG (good) G (good), China inspection is divided into: VG (good), G (good). The diamond cut is one of the most important points in the 4C standard. It is the only factor that can be further enhanced by the operation of the technicians and the beauty of diamonds. It can also be said to be Diamond Cut Diamond "second life". This manual standard depends on the talent and experience of diamond cutters.