Hand measurement

Ring size international version, Hongkong version, the mainland version and even the same area, the ring size comparison table will be more or less out of. Ring size refers to the size of the ring ring standard.

At present, the United States and the United States to take more than the law, the latter use more, the difference between the size of the two rings and its corresponding diameter and circumference are not the same.

1、Use a thin line or a width of not more than 1CM of the paper, the finger at the bottom of a circle
2、After winding a circle, make a mark at the place of overlap
3、And then take the thin wire or paper, with a ruler to measure the length of the mark to do, look at the hands of the comparison table, we can know the size of our fingers, it is so simple

When measuring the hand should not be too cold, because at this time your fingers the smallest size.
It should be measured at night, because your finger size is the largest.
If the size of the ring is between two rings, select the larger one.
If you want to know the exact size of the hand to welcome the experience center measurement.