Ring knowledge

The diamond ring is an important part of the diamond ring, although the price of a diamond ring is mainly composed of diamond diamond ring, but the style and material is also very important, can not be ignored, the ring holder has a supporting role in the ring, but also directly affect the quality of the rings, value very much, have a good ring is very important. The diamond ring is often used as an engagement or wedding ring.

Diamond ring to choose their own.
Slender finger, suitable for simple and elegant style, appear more slender soft fingers;
The finger is relatively thick not the elderly, also suitable for this kind of wedding ring.
The fingers round and the elderly, for a little wide wall ring wedding ring, ring style flower type has certain other requirements.

Currently popular on the market three kinds of diamond ring material: platinum, 18K gold, pt950, gold ring.
In recent years, the popular 18K and pt950, with its high hardness and easy to foil, diamond jewelry, precious stones to win.
Frosted and matte matte design is more taste, welcomed by young people.

The main methods of diamond inlay are: claw inlay, package insert, forced mosaic, forced inlay, groove insert, mixed inlay.

Diamond ring and diamond ring will be accompanied by the owner's life, so do not choose too naive style or easy outdated style, should choose a simple and noble style. When buying a diamond ring, a single diamond ring is the best choice, its style is simple and generous, the most easy to match any hand shape. It depends on what aspect you care about the quality of the diamond ring, not the same, of course, the price is not the same.

1.Diamond firmness: the general set of the claws of the style, the stability of the mosaic diamond is relatively stable. For example, six claw and four claw, six claw firmness is a stroke above. The four claw as long as there is a fixed point loose, the diamond will be easy to fall off. So if you are more concerned about the loss of diamonds, it is best to choose the style of the six claw ring or bag style, the bag is the most solid style.
2.Significant drill degree: everyone wants to own a diamond ring looks big flash, what kind of ring styles will achieve this effect? Usually the claws of the style are more significant drilling, because the fixed point is less, the ring is rarely blocked diamond, so it can be very clear show the shine of the diamond. Card style can be very good to show the diamond shine and big. However, we should also take into account the choice of diamond firmness.
3.Suitable for hand type: diamond ring styles and fashion to shine, but also for the hand of their own, can fully reflect the value of the diamond ring. Fingers slender, suitable for simple and easy to choose the style of the claw ring finger; finger short and thick, suitable for the selection of simple slender style. No matter what kind of style is selected, must be consistent with their own hand.